About the game


Obots is a video game belonging to the genre of "fighting games". But also and more importantly, it is a play to/and earn game in which you can get benefits by competing, winning fights, and soon, in the training mode, just by playing (no need to win in the matches).

Obots allows you to engage in 1vs1 combat against online players connected on another device, against the AI or against your own friends thanks to private game rooms.

The goal is to beat your opponent in an armed duel over two rounds of 1 minute each. You will have to reduce the opponent's stamina by making use of skills you can acquire and special weapons scattered around the stage.

The game works with Unity technology coupled with a blockchain platform from which characters (NFTs) and skills (received through tokens) can be obtained. Thanks to blockchain protocols, by playing and/or winning games, two types of tokens are obtained, OBT and NAB, that can be used in the aforementioned purchase/sale of digital assets or that users can store in their wallets and exchange with other players.

In addition to the game itself, Obots is complemented by an NFT marketplace where users can purchase the various playable characters.

Each time you buy a character, the platform generates a unique NFT with a binding smart contract. These non-fungible tokens can be purchased by credit/debit card (the marketplace has implemented a payment gateway via Stripe for user convenience) using the MATIC cryptocurrency via Metamask or Wallet Connect (both also integrated) or using energy points associated with your player profile. OBT and NAB tokens can also be used. Once the NFTs are acquired, the characters will automatically appear in your game account.

In Obots you play a cybernetic warrior who battles his way through various duels with other robots to free the Andromeda galaxy from the evil forces of the Great Winter Empire. Cygurd the hunter, Kyohana, the shadow, Occami, the hero E-1000, the slave... all of them will do their best to win in the Obots tournament.

You can watch the trailer here.


The video game industry has always been at the forefront, squeezing the most out of all the options that new technologies bring us. It has generated unique experiences that have attracted millions of people across the world to invest time and money in these assets.

Blockchain technology is increasingly being introduced into our society and it has not been left behind in the world of video games either. It has thus created one of the most interesting use cases based on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies: Play to Earn video games.

The Play to Earn video game is based on a model through which a user can earn money in the form of cryptocurrencies or tokens and NFT when playing. It has completely changed the way blockchain technology assets are being exploited.

Many experts have considered it as the new Gaming 3.0. A phenomenon where the main currency of exchange is cryptocurrencies or tokens and NFTs, and where the user can earn these rewards while playing.


NFTs or Non Fugible Tokens refer to units of value that are assigned to a business model, one of the most important for these assets, that of cryptocurrencies. In the framework of the crypto world, they are unique assets that cannot be modified or exchanged for another that has the same value. In other words, each asset has a unique value.

Blockchain technology began by focusing on the financial market, but has gradually carved its way into the most important sectors of our economy. Specifically NFTs, which you've probably heard of before. These Non Fungible Tokens have become popular in the fashion industry, artwork or real estate, and have seen a new opportunity in video games.


NFTs have been configured as one of the main elements, together with cryptocurrencies or tokens, for which a player is rewarded in a video game. This is what is known as the "Play-to-Earn" model, or playing to earn money.

This gives video games a new added value: they no longer serve only as a means of escape or entertainment for players, but they can now also obtain rewards that translate into monetary assets. One of the clearest examples can be seen in the popular Axie Infinity game, characterized by the use of NFT and blockchain technology for its operation.

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