Daniel García García. CEO of Occam. Daniel currently leads the company's strategy and participates in the development of projects for Occam's clients that require blockchain technology. He has 5 years of experience in the field of product development related to cryptocurrencies and had a startup that tried to decrease remittance fees thanks to blockchain technology.

Daniel Collado Tizón. COO of Occam. Daniel manages the company's internal operations and communication. He has spent the last few years dedicated to marketing, corporate communication and training, in addition to working as a filmmaker, graphic designer and multimedia creative. He holds a degree in Audiovisual Communication (ranked #1 of its class) and a Master's degree in Dubbing and Translation for TV, Film and Video Games, as well as a Certificate of Pedagogical Aptitude in Visual Arts and a Master's degree in business and digital marketing. Among other positions, he was CMO and Head of R&D for Corporate Television Asia Pacific, developing communication projects for Southeast Asian countries.

In addition, the project has been developed by Occam (founded in 2015) and will continue under its development, so Obots has a team behind it of 22 people specialized in the different lines of business that the company has established in Spain and the United States.

Occam is a digital agency with three distinct lines of business:

  • A first line specialized in inbound marketing methodologies and implementation of the different Hubspot Hubs for customer acquisition and retention through the generation of valuable content and the creation of brand experiences. We are HubSpot Platinum partners. In this line we have helped companies like Bit2me, Cibernos, Tutellus or Reental, to automate and digitize the Sales and Marketing processes improving the acquisition of new customers and increasing ROI through automation.

  • Audiovisual Department. We were born as a multimedia content production house and in this department we help to improve the internal and external communication of companies such as SGS, Roommate Hotels, KING (The creators of Candy Crash), Calidad Pascual, Glovo... among others.

  • Software development department. From this department we have developed and are developing Obots. In the last two years we have created platforms such as Eluter (Cryptocurrency Exchange), NFT My Ticket, ERPs for different companies and a long etcetera, so we have the know how and experience to continue innovating in different sectors.

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