In Obots, we have a Dual Token system. On the one hand, there are the OBTs and on the other hand the NABs. OBT is the utility token that will finance the project at first and whose holders will have several advantages within the game explained in the previous point of this document. NAB is the reward token that players will obtain for the simple fact of playing the game as explained in the business model.

The characteristics of the supply and distribution of both tokens are as follows:


Max Supply: 200.000.000



Max Supply: infinite.

NABs will be minted when the player claims his reward and will be burned when he/she buys power-ups. These will be very important in the competitive mode as NABs will give us a certain advantage and therefore a higher probability of winning the game. Therefore NABs will acquire value by supply and demand depending on how many people play, especially in the competitive mode.

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