Game modes

There are currently 4 game modes in Obots:

Competitive: In order to play competitive mode you will need to have at least one purchased character (NFT) and energy (stamina unit used in the game) because if you win a combat, you will get an energy point, but if you lose you will lose that energy point. Whether you win or lose the game, you will get NAB tokens that will be stored in your user profile.

Training: In this mode you will be able to play 100% free, without even buying a NFT. Obots provides a base character (E-1000) for those who choose not to invest money in the game. However, if you do not purchase at least one Obot, you will not be eligible for the option to earn NABs during the game (just for playing). You will only get NABs by winning fights in this mode.

Private Room: In this mode you can create a room to play with your friends by sharing the access code to the generated room.

Tournaments. In this mode you can obtain numerous rewards that will vary in each tournament depending on the position. In any case, for each game you will get 5 NABs for participating.

The profit of the NABs will be regulated as follows:

  • Competitive

    • If you win: +50 NABs

    • If you lose: +20 NABs

  • Training:

    • If you win: +10 NABs

    • If you lose: +2 NABs

  • Private Rooms: You don´t get NABs

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