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The video game market has grown steadily over the last decade reaching a value of $135 billion globally. The evolution of the industry has led to innovations and intersections. Such is the case of Play to Earn (P2E), which results from the encounter between blockchain technology and gaming. However, the ups and downs suffered by the crypto world and the distrust generated by several projects have prevented the emergence of a stable Play or Earn industry.

Currently, given the popularity of NFTs, they have become a fundamental part of this genre (P2E). Tons of card games have proliferated, all of them based on NFT collections or employing these non-fungible tokens as characters or game-enhancing elements.

Thus, multiple Play to Earn titles are in development. However, the vast majority follow in the wake and mechanics of Axie Infinity, currently the most prominent game of the genre. These are turn-based P2E/card games whose developers have simply been concerned with modifying the theme and aesthetics.


Obots has been developed to change the current paradigm as a video game framed in the genre of 2D Fighting Games, with PvP combat in real time, something virtually nonexistent in the Gaming 3.0 industry (not so in the more traditional environment of the video game industry, where titles like Brawlhalla or Super Smash Bros. work really well).

Visión: To position Obots as a fighting game of reference in the global Play to Earn environment.

Mission: To eliminate frictions and turn e-gaming into a fun activity that allows users to generate economic benefits in a simple way.

The goal is to reach a target audience that hybridizes the characteristics of the gamer and the crypto-market user. A user who is even loyal to Axie Infinity, but who is not left out of the equation, as Play to Earn games allow you to earn profits for X hours of play or during X daily games, so Axie players can also play Obots to increase their fortune. Moreover, many will prefer Obots to other P2E games because of its lower cost when starting to play or because of the agility of the title and the brevity of its games, which allow users to enjoy combats in a few minutes at any time of the day.


Obots seeks to generate income through two ways:

  1. By the in-game sale of assets (characters, energy, power-ups...).

  2. By the commission of the games played in the competitive mode.

Obots characters are NFTs. In addition, there are two other tokens linked to the project and used for transactions in and out of the game. OBTs and NABs.

Investors/users who buy the Obots utility token (OBT) will see its value gradually increase given the established tokenomics. By making in-game transactions with the OBT utility token, users will generate more income (+40%) than if they do it with other methods, therefore there will be a great interest in buying it. On the other hand, depending on the amount of OBTs you have in your wallet when playing, you will get more rewards paid in NABs (reward token of the game) and of course the characters, if purchased with OBTs will have a 20% discount. All these mechanics mean that the more active players in Obots, the higher the price of the OBT.


The project is led by Daniel García García and Daniel Collado Tizón, founders of Occam Agencia Digital, who are supported by the members of the company, which currently has a team of 22 people, with experts in design, software development, digital marketing and multimedia production.


The initial feedback, gathered from the experience of a first team of 20 testers divided between Spain and the Philippines, has been positive. This test was carried out on the ALPHA version, which does not yet have the reward system. This also allowed us to answer an essential question for us: Do the users like the game? The most frequent answers were as follows:

  • It is very dynamic. We love that the games last between 1.5 and 2 minutes.

  • It works perfectly on my PC despite its technical limitations.

  • Playing for the first time and creating private rooms with my friends is very easy.

In addition, we took advantage of the dawn of Gaming 3.0 to come out with an already developed and playable product, being pioneers at a global level with a 2D P2E fighting game.

Obots has the support of Occam Agencia Digital and its three business lines focused on marketing, blockchain development and audiovisual production. That is, all the elements that any technology-based product needs to be developed and successfully launched to the market.

It is also worth mentioning Occam's expertise in the area of marketing for the blockchain environment, with an extensive experience with clients in the sector that has allowed us to generate the right know-how to launch a project of these characteristics.

Occam Digital Agency was founded in 2015 and has not stopped growing in the last 8 years.

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